Course Syllabus for English-Taught Majors

Chemistry education in Soochow University has a very long history and can be traced back to 1914, when the original chemistry department was found. Professor N. Gist Gee and Dr. E. V. Jones, graduating from Vanderbilt University in the United States, were two of the founders of chemistry major. They were the first science teacher and the first chemistry teacher in Soochow University, respectively. It is always proudly that the first master degree of chemistry in China was also issued by Soochow University In 1917. So far, the major of Chemistry in Soochow University has established the complete training systems for the undergraduate program, post graduate program and doctoral program. Our chemistry discipline has entered into top 1 % of ESI global ranking. A large number of famous scientists and excellent experts have been cultivated. Since 2009, the English teaching class, also named as intensive class, was established in chemistry major for the purpose of training the students with international and academic vision. Each year, around 30 students can be recruited into such class through series of strict screening and interviewing links. All compulsory courses in intensive class of chemistry major are taught in English by high-level teachers, including winners of National Outstanding Youth Foundation and the national "Thousand Youth Talents Plan". In addition, the students in intensive class have change to be selected to attend a study exchange semester and joint-degree programs, including 3+2 for Bachelor/Master and 2+2 for Ph. D. programs. Currently, more than 40 students have continued their study via such programs with National University of Singapore, University of Akron (US), University of Waterloo (Canada), Wayne State University (US) and so on.